About CatanMaps.com

CatanMaps.com is a free library for exploring and sharing fan-made Catan maps.

We are a community of Settlers of Catan fans who love the limitless possibilities of variable Catan maps.

Expansions are incredibly fun, but to really keep the game fresh, new maps is an important ingredient. The man himself Klaus Teuber has even encouraged fans to do so with Seafarers Scenario 9: “New World.”

This site is devoted from the simple to the complex: maps that are simply just maps, and then maps that are complex new scenarios akin to “Cloth for Catan” or “The Wonders of Catan”

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What Catan expansions do I need?

The maps on this website use a variety of a combination of sets. Most of the larger maps and scenarios posted here can be made if you own:

  • Settlers of Catan Base Game
  • Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension
  • Seafarers Expansion
  • Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension

You also might see some Variant Hexes (Volcano, Iceberg, Jungle) —> free printout here

Who made these maps?

We are dedicated to compiling the largest library of Catan maps on the internet, and the ideas you see come from various sources.

Some maps are unique ideas thought up by the site creators, some are submitted by fans like you, and others are simply replicated here for ease of sharing. For example, some maps like “Greater Catan” can be found in previous versions of Seafarers but not the current one.  Some are lesser known but official variants from Catan lore of yesteryear, so we’ve put them on the site to make them more readily available to fans like you.

All material and brands are copyright their respective owners.

How do I submit a map?

Just click here to upload!  Don’t forget to:

  1. Take a clear, overhead photo to submit
  2. Give your map a name!
  3. Provide “Number of Players”; “Point you play to”; “Rules”; and “Additional Info”
  4. (Optional) Feel free to comment on your experiences trying it out!

If you follow the directions and the map is cool, we’ll post it!


Thanks, but no, we are simply a fan site. We are not affiliated with Klaus Teuber or Mayfair Games, but we love them both! 🙂  Please note that Catan is a registered trademark of Catan GmbH, and Catan GmbH is not responsible for the contents of this site.


Just shoot us an email: catanmaps [at] gmail [dot] com

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2 thoughts on “About CatanMaps.com

  1. Wow! There is really a NEW fantastic CATAN site! We thought the times of fans publishing new scenario ideas would have been gone. In the German CATAN community there is almost stillstand.
    We will link this page on our SiedlerInsel blog: https://siedlerinsel.wordpress.com/. In our fan expansions, we focus not so much on different maps but rather on additional rules and new game elements.

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