Catan Iceberg Rules

In their never-ending quest to seek new lands, the Seafarers of Catan have set out on a voyage once more. Only this time, the seas aren’t quite as friendly as before. Huge icebergs inhabit these waters. Only the most skilled seafarers can navigate through such perilous obstacles.

Iceberg HEX Rules

The Iceberg is a sea hex, not a land hex. Place a number tile on the iceberg hex. Throughout the game, whenever that number is rolled, immediately retake one of the dice and re-roll it to determine which way the Iceberg “shifts.” The iceberg tile’s sides are marked 1-6. If the iceberg shifts in the direction of your ship, it is destroyed. Remove it from the board and return it to your stock. It may later be rebuilt at the normal cost.

(NOTE: In the newer artwork from Jasper, the sides of the Iceberg are not marked with numbers. Before rolling for the Icerberg, select which side of the tile is “1” and count clockwise. Just be sure that it’s publicly known and agreed upon BEFORE you roll the die.)

Icebergs do not affect roads, cities, or settlements.

The Pirate cannot be placed on the iceberg. Obviously, since it is a sea hex, neither can the Robber.

Closed Shipping Route: So what happens if your Closed Shipping Route is broken into two?  Then you now simply have two Open Shipping Routes.

Open Shipping Route: But what happens if your Open Shipping Route is broken into two? In this case, the ships all “slide back” a space toward their homeport. This way no ships are left stranded in the middle of nowhere, untethered to any piece of land.

Variant Background: The Iceberg is a fan-made variant created by Seth Tabberer. You can read the official rules here.To make it easier to print at the correct size, we have made a template including several Catan variants. CLICK HERE TO PRINT

Changes: In the original variant, icebergs could destroy roads. Since that doesn’t make a ton of sense to us, we play with the iceberg only able to destroy ships. Also, the original rules do not specify what to do if an Open Shipping Route is broken in two, so we made a decision.

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    1. We just uploaded a another version of the new art with numbers. The one without numbers is just to make it a little cleaner aesthetically, but involves “imagining” numbers on each side. If using the tiles without numbers, just be clear (before rolling) to publicly vocalize which number is “Side 1” and count clockwise from there.

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