Deadliest Catch

The seafaring fishermen of Catan venture out into the frozen northern seas to cash in on the lucrative fishing industry. However, rewards always come with a risk, and these treacherous seas are no exception. 


Play to: 14 points

Required Sets: Settlers of Catan base game + Seafarers + Catan 5-6 Player Expansion + Seafarers 5-6 Player Expansion + Traders & Barbarians

Initial Placements: Players may only start on the main island.

Bonus Points: A player receives 2 VP for each foreign island upon which he settles. Ships being subsequently destroyed by icebergs do not affect the bonus points.

Iceberg Rules: Print out the iceberg hex and read full rules here. Play with the rule that icebergs can only destroy ships, not roads. Also remember that icebergs are sea hexes, and all the normal rules for sea hexes also apply to icebergs (e.g., the pirate can still be placed on sea hexes)

Fishermen of Catan: Play with the normal rules in accordance with Traders and Barbarians, with two exceptions. Remove the old boot. Also, do not use the Lake hex.

Robber and Pirate: Play with both, starting as shown.



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One thought on “Deadliest Catch

  1. Just wanted to comment that if one owns only 3-4 player sets (e.g. basic catan + seafarers + traders&barbarians) they can construct this map by replacing one gold river hex (with a mountain hex for example).

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