Print the Volcano, Jungle, and Iceberg tiles!

The Volcano, Jungle, and Iceberg tiles are variants that add some additional twists to the Settlers of Catan. The Volcano and Jungle are official variants by Klaus Teuber, while the Iceberg is a fan-made variant.

All of them are freely available online, and we have compiled them together into standard sheets to make it easier for you to print them at the right size. We have also added some new artwork of these tiles, created by Jasper for the site to help the variant tiles match the 5th edition artwork more closely.

As a heads up, if you buy the Base Catan game 5-6 player extension, it includes a “blank hex” perfect for taping or gluing a volcano to (this was at least true in the 4th edition U.S. version). For additional tiles, you can just keep some scotch tape on hand to temporarily apply a Variant Printout to something like a Gold Field Tile or Desert Tile (or the back of one).

Click on a template below to enlarge and print. You can check out the rules for each variant below.

“4th Edition” Artwork
Volcano (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Jungle (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Iceberg (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Variety Sheet (2 Volcano, 2 Jungle, 2 Iceberg): 8.5×11 printout  /  A4 printout

Print 6 Catan Variant Tiles - 2 of each
“5th Edition” Artwork (created by Jasper)

Volcano with numbers (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Volcano without numbers (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Jungle (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Iceberg with numbers (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Iceberg without numbers (6 per sheet): 8.5×11 printout
Variety Sheet (2 Volcano, 2 Jungle, 2 Iceberg): 8.5×11 printout  /  A4 printout


Official Variant created by Klaus Teuber (Source: Mayfair Games website)

The Volcano tile is one of the most exciting variants in Catan. The threat of destruction adds a whole new layer of thrill to the game.

If you are familiar with the Seafarers Expansion, the best way to explain the Volcano is that it’s a “risky gold hex.” Whenever the number tile on a Volcano is rolled, any player with a settlement bordering it receives one Resource Card of her choice.  Anyone with a city receives two Resource Cards of her choice (they may be different, or two of the same).

However, immediately after resources are picked up, the lava flows down from the Volcano. Retake one of the dice and roll it to determine the direction of the lava flow. The six points of the Volcano tile are marked 1-6. If there is a Settlement at that intersection, it is destroyed and returns to the player’s stock. If there is a City at that intersection, it is reduced to a Settlement.

The Robber: The Robber may be placed on the Volcano tile. If so, he stops resource production, but does not stop eruptions.

Additional Info: For additional Volcano rules, click here


Official Variant created by Klaus Teuber (Source: Mayfair Games website)

The Jungle tile adds a new element of Discovery to Catan!  To use this variant you will need something to represent “Discovery Tokens” (the Catan chits from Seafarers work perfectly).

The Jungle hex does not produce Resources Cards, but rather these Discovery Tokens. Whenever the number on a Jungle tile is rolled, each settlement adjacent to it produces one Discovery Token for its owner. A city produces two Discovery Tokens.

Using Discovery Tokens: You use Discovery Tokens to purchase Development Cards. Each Discovery Token can be used to replace any one of the three resources needed to purchase a card. Up to three Discovery Tokens may be used on each card purchase. Any combination of Discovery Tokens and the three normal resources may be used.
For Example: a player may purchase a Development Card with one Ore and two Discovery Tokens. Similarly, a Discovery Card could be purchased with one wool, one grain, and one Discovery Token

Additional Rules: Discovery Tokens are not cards and are not counted toward your hand when a 7 is rolled. They can not be stolen by the Robber, can not be claimed by a Monopoly, can not be earned through a Year of Plenty, and can not be used in any trades.


Fan-made Variant created by Seth Tabberer (Source:

In their never-ending quest to seek new lands, the Seafarers of Catan have set out on a voyage once more. Only this time, the seas aren’t quite as friendly as before. Huge icebergs inhabit these waters. Only the most skilled seafarers can navigate through such perilous obstacles.

The Iceberg is a sea hex, not a land hex. Place a number tile on the iceberg hex. Throughout the game, whenever that number is rolled, immediately retake one of the dice and re-roll it to determine which way the Iceberg “shifts.” The iceberg tile’s sides are marked 1-6. If the iceberg shifts in the direction of your ship, it is destroyed. Remove it from the board and return it to your stock. It may later be rebuilt at the normal cost.

Icebergs do not affect roads, cities, or settlements.

The Pirate cannot be placed on the iceberg. Obviously, since it is a sea hex, neither can the Robber.

Additional Info: For full Iceberg rules and notes on changes, click here


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  1. NOTE: It appears that the resources section of the Mayfair Games website has changed. Those links are changed, and it’s unclear if the printouts are still available there.

  2. Hi, i’m a big fan of catan i realy want to use his nes tiles, but i’m european and we use A4 paper instead of your US letter format. How can i scale your picture to be correctly printed on A4 paper ?

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  3. awesome site!! is it possible to create a A4 with the numbers on the Iceberg tiles? Thanks and congratulations 🙂

  4. I am enjoying looking at all the maps and hopefully will add them to our Catan nights soon. After printing the jungle and volcano hexes, I’m curious what material people use to make them the same height as the other catan hexes, I am considering printing them on sticker paper then attaching them to cardboard, but I didn’t know if there was another resource for achieving uniformity.
    Also, would it be possible to have a page that was just the sea background for on the backs of the tiles?
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