Small Archipelago

Thanks to user PerOlof for submitting this map! (Render above is done by Jasper)

“In this small archipelago you play with two of each resource tiles, one of each number 2-12, the pirate, and ten ports.

I find it a great board for two players because we don’t trade. You have to fight your way to 15 points by trading over seas.

The resource cards and numbers are randomly placed every game, sometimes it gets easier and sometimes very hard! Playtime varies: 45 min to 1h 30 min.”


Play to: 15 points
(Editor’s note: If playing to 15 points, we recommend playing with a 1 VP Bonus point for each “foreign” island that you settle on — which is another potential way to get 2 points. We also recommend playing with the Harbormaster variant.)

Required Sets: Settlers of Catan base game + Seafarers

Setup: Keep the land contours as shown above. You may randomize the resource tiles and numbers. Keep the port locations as shown above, but the ports themselves may be randomized.

Initial Placements: Players may start on any of the four islands.

Robber and Pirate: Play only with the Pirate, starting as shown.

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