The Six Kingdoms

After creating “The Four Kingdoms” – an interesting setup in which all four players start on their own identical little island – we received several requests for a six player version of this concept.

So here it is! In this almost pinwheel-shaped map, every single island is exactly equally matched – resource tiles, numbers, port placement, and expansion opportunities. Enjoy!

Credit: Fan map by Preston of Catan Maps. Render by Jasper.

Players: 6

Play to: 11 points

Required Sets:  Settlers of Catan base game + Catan 5-6 Player Expansion + Seafarers + Seafarers 5-6 Player Expansion
(You will also need two extra gold tiles – if you don’t have access to those, you can always just use deserts and pretend they are gold fields)

Setup: Use a 5×9 frame – note that you will need to place two of those sheep tiles on top of the edge frame pieces. 

Start the Robber off the board – he will become activated once someone rolls a 7 or plays a Knight Card. Start the Pirate as shown.

Initial Placements: Each player starts off on his or her own island. The island ownership should correspond with the seating order around the table. Roll the dice to see who places first – select your initial two placements as in the original game, by going clockwise and then counter-clockwise (this matters much less since you are on your own island, but your decisions may be based off of other players’ decisions on their islands).  The player who rolled highest also starts the game off.

Bonus VP: During the game a player may receive 1 Victory Point for invading a foreign island (placing a settlement on it). Theoretically a player could earn up to 5 Bonus VP for settling on all 5 foreign islands.

2, 3, 11, 12: You will notice there are no 2’s, 3’s 11’s, or 12’s on the board. If you roll one of these numbers, nothing happens. You do not get to re-roll.

The Six Kingdoms-map

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