Credit: Thanks to arenablanca for the submission! Graphic render above by Jasper. 

Number of Players: 3-4

Play to: 10 Victory Points

Rules: This is just like the base game, with additional gold and lake tiles, and a different shape. The northernmost and southernmost desert tiles are just fillers to better approximate the shape.

Required Sets: Settlers of Catan base game + Seafarers + Traders & Barbarians
You could even eliminate Traders and Barbarians if you find a substitute for one desert hex and you use a plain ocean hex for the Great Salt Lake (which has almost no fish in real life, just brine shrimp).

Note: “Top producer” doesn’t necessarily mean #1, just top-tier according to the 2012 agricultural census, so agricultors please don’t be offended. Utah’s five National Parks are represented. If you like this map, you should come and visit the real thing!


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